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The Newsmaker #100WordStory

Sleep was elusive last night. Groggily she picked up the morning newspaper. And there it was! As she grappled with the enormity of the situation, her phone beeped incessantly. Adorning a blue-coloured sheath dress, she looked at her make-up brush. … Continue reading

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The Moon #FlashFiction

He inadvertently found himself drawn towards the window. The moon had risen and though wane, it still reflected back an ethereal image. Memories of her sprang gushing like a gurgling waterfall. In a different city, she stood transfixed near her … Continue reading

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When My Eleven Year Old Self Made Me Think…

Nostalgia is a strange thing. It suddenly engulfs you from nowhere when you least expect it and distant memories that were hitherto buried in your past come calling out to you. I too was left reminiscing about those misty memories … Continue reading

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Reflections !!!

  April was a month of adventure and accomplishment. It is during this time of the year that bloggers put on their creative hat and embark on a writing journey that begins from ‘A’ and ends on ‘Z’. Yes, this … Continue reading

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Boomerang !!

(Read the first part of the story here: )   They were always a picture of gaiety. The man had a striking resemblance to one of those suave movie actors whose pictures swamped the walls of the city and seem … Continue reading

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