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Bow Down

Bow down in obeisance- shoulders drooping, spirits dissipating, brows tense, Sense of self meanders like someone searching his way out of a maze, pushed against a fence. Zig Zag, Zig Zag… Society’s grisly gaze pierces through her making her gag. Smile– … Continue reading

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All is Bloody Well…

The Sainik Vihar Senior Citizen Home stood tall in its stately blue and white visage. A grand garden that bloomed with multitudes of flowers was a stark contrast to the road outside the Home. Just outside the Home, on a … Continue reading

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The jingling sound of bells reverberated in the twilight sky and steered the silence of her heart. She sat on the banks of the river Ganga and stared listlessly towards the rippling waters of the sacred river. Unlike the other … Continue reading

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The Unhappy Prince

I stare at the blackboard as the class progresses with a dreary pace. When will this class get over, it is insufferable. I wait for his class with bated breath. And here he comes. God, Professor Mohanty is looking at … Continue reading

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The Ruins…

The loo* blew taking along with it a flurry of sand and Dhani pulled her odhani* and covered her eyes hastily. “Kathe reh gayi” *, Manu bai questioned as she helped her put down the three pitchers of water that … Continue reading

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