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The Homecoming

    Naina sipped her customary morning tea, slurping it in a hurry while tapping her fingers on her phone. “Hello, ma, how are you today?”, she spoke as the familiar voice of her mother Krishna is heard at the … Continue reading

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The Fort #FridayFotoFiction

  The fort was bustling with activity. There was a barrage of tourists that have been streaming in since last few months. It puzzled me. It was not that the fort was deserted. But, of late it felt lively. Something … Continue reading

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If only #FridayFotoFiction

  She opened the scrapbook hesitantly and the pictures enthralled her as always. She had started creating her ‘Dream wedding scrapbook’ from the time she was a teenager with stars in her eyes. As she turned the pages, her expression … Continue reading

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What men talk and the stereotypes attached to it !

  Stereotypes exist everywhere. But, we will all nod our heads in agreement that gender stereotyping is the most rampant kind of stereotyping in the existing times. Now that women are gradually finding a voice of their own, they dismiss the … Continue reading

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(This story was first published on Womensweb as one of the shortlisted stories for ‘The Muse of the Month November 2017’ )   The house was bustling with energy today. A variety of snacks were being made in the kitchen … Continue reading

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