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And then she slept!!

I sit on the big brown coloured couch which is discolured at the edges but still offers the warmth of an old friend. I am fidgeting with the remote and my eyes are transfixed on the television which presents a … Continue reading

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Zest for life!!

It was a beautiful evening. Soft wind rustled the trees that otherwise stood gaunt and aloof. A petite young woman rambled on the pathway just outside the society entrance. A cute little girl, who must be five or six years … Continue reading

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Youthful !!

‘Hello from the other side, I must have called a thousand times’. As I sat near the first floor apartment, the melody hit my ear and I was moved by the sheer power of the husky voice. The woman who … Continue reading

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X-Factor !!

She walked enthusiastically holding her husband’s hand while the beats of the drum resounded through the society. They were a picture of gaiety. She wore a pink bandini saree and her large kohl laden eyes brimmed with light and happiness. … Continue reading

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Worthless !!

In the corner most flat on the fifth floor of the Rainbow Housing Society stayed a middle aged couple with their teenage son. The man had a receding hairline and a bespectacled face. His caricature like face was enough to … Continue reading

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