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The Painting…

Aditi was immersed in the cacophony of colours that lay in front of her forming a glorious gallimaufry of sorts when she got the call. As she returned from her step-father’s funeral, Aditi listlessly stared at the keys which were … Continue reading

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The Moon #FlashFiction

He inadvertently found himself drawn towards the window. The moon had risen and though wane, it still reflected back an ethereal image. Memories of her sprang gushing like a gurgling waterfall. In a different city, she stood transfixed near her … Continue reading

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The Figurine #FlashFiction

Janice sat on the cream coloured couch staring dolefully at the mantelpiece. The figurine seemed to be staring at her and peering right through her soul. Her husband Josh looked at her transfixed. “If it makes you sad why not … Continue reading

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The Meeting #FlashFiction

Emma sat in her room, crestfallen. It all came back to her in quick flashes. She was ecstatic when she had met the ‘man’. Her heart leapt in joyful gallops when he smiled at her. It had been five years … Continue reading

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The Shift #FlashFiction

Everyone who walked across the cream-hued corner house of Carter Lane, in that idyllic little town, paused and took in the sight. After all it was not commonplace to see a scarecrow dressed in feminine attire perched in all its … Continue reading

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