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The Power Lies Within …

(This story won ‘Muse of the Month October 2017’ at Womensweb) Sushila locked the door of her dilapidated house in a hurry and took long strides as she was getting late for work. As she sauntered on the bumpy Mumbai … Continue reading

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Stop Judging

(This story was shortlisted for ‘ Muse of the Month September 2017’ at Womensweb )   Neelima closed the door and took a sigh of relief. She stood there and kept staring at the wall clock. The tic tac sound … Continue reading

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The Neighbourhood Aunty

I rushed through the stairs, taking a quick peek at my watch. It was almost nine. “Damn, I am running late”, I almost said to myself. I was usually a stickler for punctuality and reached everywhere on time. But, today … Continue reading

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