The Palace…


In the hallway, they saw a corridor with several doors leading off it. Everything in the hall was covered in dust, as though no one had touched it for a hundred years. Raghu and Shreya rambled through the decrepit alleys that had witnessed history unfold in its dark chasms.

Just then a gush of strong wind blew and one of the last doors in the baleful looking corridor flew open. It was as if they were called in. Shreya looked at Raghu petrified with fear.

The large room was in shambles with spider webs adorning the walls almost becoming one with the life size paintings. Just when the two of them were staring agape at the eerie room, Shreya exclaimed, “What is that? Oh my God, let’s go back, I am sh*t scared”.

There at one corner of the palatial room lay a casket, big enough to house a human being.

I am there with you no, don’t be such a chicken. It is an old abandoned palace. Who knows we end up finding something like Tutankhamen’s mummy”, winked Raghu.

And finally they were standing next to the beautifully engraved casket. Shreya closed her eyes and clutched Raghu tightly. As Raghu opened the casket ajar, a loud scream reverberated through the walls of the palace.

Cut! Perfect shot”. A haggard looking man sitting on a ‘director’ chair called out. “The viewers will keep wondering what happens next. Cliffhanger endings work best for horror shows, don’t they?



Word count: 246 words

The first two lines were part of the prompt and the story had to begin with these lines. Thank you for this interesting prompt Anshu and Priya 🙂

 Written for #TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya

About Meha Sharma

Dreamer,Writer,Mother,Fauji wife...all while striving to overcome something called 'Procrastination' :) I dabble in writing and write for @huffpostindia, @womensweb , @mycity4kids. I worked as a Business Analyst in an elite IT firm and as a professor in management colleges. Having earned an MBA degree in Human Resource Management and an MA degree in English Literature, I now pass on my wisdom to management students. To keep my sanity while striving to be a 'decent' mom to my ever inquisitive daughter, I tell myself, what Winnie the Pooh says,"My favourite day is today" :)
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13 Responses to The Palace…

  1. Oh wow, thank God, it was only a shoot. My heart was racing when they heard the shriek – I actually thought they had brought a mummy to life. Good one, Meha!

  2. Akshata Ram says:

    Wow this was so cool! Loved the ending totally stumped.

  3. Priya says:

    Superbly narrated, Meha. Enjoyed your take. 🙂

  4. Shilpa Nairy says:

    Enjoyed your narration Neha!! I was thinking they might end finding something interesting!

  5. Abhijit Ray says:

    Nice story.

  6. Thank God, it wasn’t reality. My heartbeat was thorough the roof. I kept thinking of way too sinister stuff. Loved the tale, Meha!

  7. Wow! A wow Meha! Sucked into the story right from lights, camera and action making it a real, spooky and thrilling tale before you shouted Cut!

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