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Animal Instincts !!

  As the sun sprinkled its first crimson rays on the coffee brown soil, I opened my eyes and yawned heartily. To read more click here:     (I am taking part in #AtoZchallenge and today is the first day of … Continue reading

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The Mojito #FridayFotoFiction

    He sat in that quaint café and found himself inadvertently ordering a Mojito. Mojito used to be her favourite drink. As the cold mint flavored drink went down his throat, he was overcome with emotions. He had kept … Continue reading

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The Patriot #FridayFotoFiction

I had humble beginnings. Though I doubted whether I had the right to dream, something in me said I could. Never did I yearn for luxuries like the penury stricken people around me. Driven, I had a mission as steadfast as … Continue reading

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I am the Voice of Draupadi

    “Mai Samay Hu” (I am the Time); the husky baritone reverberated through the cream coloured walls of Akshay’s cramped apartment. His eyes were glued to the television screen and he was hooked. Watching B.R. Chopra’s larger than life … Continue reading

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