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‘The Coffee Fanatic’ #FFFAW #Flash Fiction

    Rehan sat in the café, staring outside, reminiscing the good old days. Those were the days when there were no hushed up mornings, no fleeting deadlines and days were not segmented into hours of meaningful existence. She was … Continue reading

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The Proposal #FridayFictioneers #FlashFiction

Soft breeze rustled whisking away the autumnal leaves to places unknown. He was besotted with her from the day he had met her. It was at this bistro, on this table that he had proposed to her. He did not … Continue reading

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‘The Closure’ #FridayFictioneers

As Shakti disembarked from the bus, an eerily beautiful sight beheld her. The overcast sky, the deserted pathway, all seemed to be calling out to her. She had made the journey at last. The unfathomable desert would be her final … Continue reading

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‘Father and Son’ #FFFAW #FlashFiction

  He maneuvered his fingers with dexterity and within no time the shadows were formed. Vineet was not always so good at this craft that amused his son to the hilt. He could still remember the day vividly, when after … Continue reading

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The Neighbourhood Aunty

I rushed through the stairs, taking a quick peek at my watch. It was almost nine. “Damn, I am running late”, I almost said to myself. I was usually a stickler for punctuality and reached everywhere on time. But, today … Continue reading

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