Stalkers on a prowl…

While the world was getting inebriated in shots of love on Valentine’s day, a young woman was being party to another kind of love. Yes, it was a love so profuse, that it turned into obsession.

It is every girl’s fantasy that may she finds a man who falls head over heels in love with her. And if the guy fights goons and rescues the damsel in distress, it would be an icing on the cake. This is the paradigm that Devender aka Lilu followed to win over the heart of his lady love. Really?  But then, what would a rogue of a guy who has an array of murder charges to his credit, could make out of the emotion called ‘love’.

Stalkers are on a prowl in broad daylight. This is not the first case where a woman was harassed by a stalker. In 2011, Delhi witnessed a blood curling incident when a twenty year old girl was shot dead by a man who was following her since long and who could not bear the fact that she declined his amorous advances on Valentine’s day.

This brings me to another pivotal factor that is, why is it so difficult for men to accept rejection in love. It is apparent that it is not imperative that a woman will reciprocate your feelings every time. And more so, women like men who are ‘truly madly deeply’ in love with them but if it fringes towards obsession, they run for their life.

How does one become a stalker? Stalking does not necessarily result from a mental disorder. So what do we do that helps in plummeting the rise of the stalker.

  1. Parents listen up – It is not mandatory that only less educated individuals, hailing from the lower strata of society will turn into obsessed lovers. So, from early on, do not shy away from talking about relationships with your children. Tell them, that it is fine, if a girl or boy does not reciprocate your feelings. Life goes on. Also, if you are open with your children, they will not think twice informing you if in case they are threatened by someone.


  1. Do not hesitate in involving the authorities- If it so happens that you are being stalked by someone, however harmless it may seem to you, do not prolong in informing the Police. You never know, when the stalker turns venomous enough to hurt you. Also, if you are constantly being watched and followed, it instills fear and anxiety which indeed is not healthy for your mind.


  1. Keep your communication channels open- Today, everyone carries a smartphone with a number of applications to boast of. So, use these to ensure your safety. Keep your parents and friends aware of your whereabouts. By doing so you would be creating a safe zone around you.


  1. Ask for help- Do not dismiss eve teasing and stalking as an ordinary act. Feel free to ask help from people and avoid setting foot into a secluded area as it would further put you at risk. Mingle in the crowd and if feasible, call someone immediately to be by your side.


5.Take it seriously- Many a times it so happens that victims do not confess such cases to    their parents as they do not want to be overtly concerned or they feel it is not so grave an  issue. But, it is time, one realizes that if you are being followed by someone, it is a matter  of concern. You ought to intimate the same to your loved ones so that some action can be  taken.

Spurned lovers and stalkers in the recent past have not only mentally harassed their victims but have also ended many a young lives. The young girl from Snapdeal was fortunate enough to have come alive out of the claws of the pining lover but no one can gauge as to what mental agony she would have gone through.


About Meha Sharma

Dreamer,Writer,Mother,Fauji wife...all while striving to overcome something called 'Procrastination' :) I dabble in writing and write for @huffpostindia, @womensweb , @mycity4kids. I worked as a Business Analyst in an elite IT firm and as a professor in management colleges. Having earned an MBA degree in Human Resource Management and an MA degree in English Literature, I now pass on my wisdom to management students. To keep my sanity while striving to be a 'decent' mom to my ever inquisitive daughter, I tell myself, what Winnie the Pooh says,"My favourite day is today" :)
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