The Premonition #FridayFotoFiction



They sauntered through the picturesque locales of the countryside.

The girls were a picture of gaiety. Their uproarious laughter reverberated through the overcast sky.

“I am so glad, we could keep our pact that whenever one of us gets married, we would all turn up and it would be like a reunion”, exclaimed one of them.

A truck wheeled its way towards them. The driver was a boorish man in his forties. He saw the women standing right in the middle of the road. He honked vehemently.

Just then out of the blue, the local radio channel in his car announced, “At 11 am today,  near Riveira hills, a bride and a group of bridesmaids met with a fatal accident when on their way to the wedding spot. None survived.”

The man instinctively peeked at the clock on the dashboard.

It said “10:59 AM”.

A shiver ran down his spine.


(150 words)

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If only #FridayFotoFiction



She opened the scrapbook hesitantly and the pictures enthralled her as always. She had started creating her ‘Dream wedding scrapbook’ from the time she was a teenager with stars in her eyes.

As she turned the pages, her expression turned grim.

She closed her eyes and saw herself walking down the aisle with her father. Everyone looked so happy and her dad grinned from ear to ear. Her favorite red white and orange roses stood out in the vases adding an enchanting effervescence to the wedding scene.

“Hey, day dreaming?” she opened her eyes with a jolt to her husband’s voice.

They had had a registered marriage two days ago.

Their parents had disowned them as both of them belonged to different religions.

If only they had given their blessings, their union would have been as she had imagined since she was a little girl, if only….

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Falling in love #FridayFotoFiction



He walks towards the white long corridor with sluggish steps. It is a warm sunny morning and the sunshine peeks at him unceremoniously like an unannounced guest.

Just then he catches sight of her. As she crosses him, their eyes meet.

Those big hazel eyes did something to him.

He is ecstatic to find an empty seat next to her at the church.

Everything about her feels like home. He speaks to her.

The coming days are filled with the rush of love. He feels like a love struck teenager.

It is Christmas day. They sit huddled and love permeates through the room.

At a distance, the caretaker and the nurse look at the two sixty two year olds agape.

“Dementia cannot obliterate true love. Do they know they were married for thirty years?”

Oblivious to the surroundings, the new couple is busy falling in love all over again.


(words 150)

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What men talk and the stereotypes attached to it !



Stereotypes exist everywhere. But, we will all nod our heads in agreement that gender stereotyping is the most rampant kind of stereotyping in the existing times. Now that women are gradually finding a voice of their own, they dismiss the errant bracketing of men and women into acceptable and unacceptable peripheries.

It is amusing to know that even the art of conversation is segmented into ‘what women talk about’ and ‘what men talk about’.  It is hailed that men generally like to talk about cars and stock market while women are said to be inclined towards chatting about their children, their school assignments, clothes and cosmetics.

Over the years, women have broken the glass ceiling like never before by forging their way majestically into all spheres. This led to the reaffirmation that women can definitely talk shop and one cannot possibly isolate them and say that the fairer sex can talk about only certain things.Today, more and more people are in agreement that women are smart and they can talk sense.

But, while taking this stance, we do not realize that inadvertently, we are stereotyping men and claiming that it is ok for men to talk about the so called masculine things like cars and sports.Why can’t men talk about their children and their house? Why can’t they open their emotional floodgates and talk about their children as women do? Both men and women are equal partners when it comes to the institution of marriage. Then, why do men feel uncomfortable talking about their children with the same fervour as we as women do.

My husband, who is a hands on father often feels that men do not consider it ‘cool’ to talk about their children. It would be not erroneous to believe that this is the outcome of the patriarchal society that we have been living in over the years. The mindset is fixed and so unwittingly men succumb to the perils of appearing ‘manly’.

Both me and my husband strongly feel that it is absolutely normal for both men and women to talk about their children, the house as both the husband and wife are equal partners in creating a ‘home’.Both the father and the mother have different things to offer a child. Now, that women are not merely limiting themselves to the role of a ‘homemaker’, it is all the more imperative that men become equal partners both inside the house as well as outside.

For this, they need to shed the inhibitions and accept that it is normal to talk about their children even outside the realms of their home. When it comes to talking to their peers, it is fine if they discuss their fears about their children or a school project that they have been helping them with.

Thus, the next time we say, “Oh men, all they do is talk about cars and shares”, we ought to stop and think.

I hope our men do not get stereotyped and they have a compelling voice in creating a world which is equal and fair to both men and women.





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Hashtag #FridayFotoFiction



#trekking #rockymountain #love, the girl types swiftly.

Right in front of them, unfolds a view which is ethereal.

“Wow, a view to die for”, utters the boy.

#viewtodiefor #beautiful #withmylove , his fingers move effortlessly on the phone.

The young couple flashes their phones, clicking away to glory.

The soft rustling sound of the lake is overshadowed by the grotesque clicks and clunks of the phone.

Soon, they pose together taking ‘selfies’.

“This would look so cool on instagram”, one of them exclaims.

“It should be visible that we are standing at the edge of the cliff. This will give everyone an adrenaline rush,” says the other.

#livingontheedge #adrenalinerush

They maneuver themselves to get that perfect picture.

Just then, a loud gut wrenching cry reverberates through the mountains.

Two tourists die in a freak accident while taking a ‘selfie’ at the Rocky Mountains”, reads the morning newspaper.


(147 words)

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